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More jobs in German can be found on the German website.

Jobs for teachers:

Looking for a job as a teacher on a permanent basis, a temporary freelance or substitute teacher position? We will find a placement for you free of charge. More ...

Jobs for pre-school teachers and teaching assistants:

You want to work as a pre-school teacher or a teaching assistants in a day care centre, in a school as a learning facilitator, or in the after-school care for children and adolescents? More ...

For employers:

We are your partner for the successful placement of qualified teachers, nursery nurses, social education workers, supply and free-lance teachers as well as support staff. More ...

LehrCare runs on green energy.

Wir arbeiten mit Ökostrom von Green Planet Energy We run on climate friendly green electricity from NaturWatt. So we can improve our environmental performance by nearly one ton of CO2 per year.