Frequently Asked Questions - Applicants

Our entire service is free of charge for you because we are paid for our work by our clients, i.e. the schools, kindergartens or their sponsors. This does not put you at a disadvantage, as in 99% of all cases you will conclude your employment contract directly with your future employer, who will pay you like all other colleagues on site.

Your data is 100 per cent safe with us. Current or potential employers or other third parties do not have access to your data at any time. Only if you give us your consent will we forward your documents and contact details with our recommendation to your potential future employer. 

By providing as much information as possible. We will either take these from your CV and other documents, or you will have given them in the registration form when registering or applying for a specific job. We will then try to send you only those job offers that actually interest you.

In personnel consulting, i.e. in direct mandates from clients, you will usually find private school and daycare providers who are mostly non-profit organisations, i.e. who also fulfil a public educational mandate. In our online job market, on the other hand, there are also many job offers from municipal or state employers.

Yes, mainly in our online job market you can find job offers from international schools and of course from German schools abroad.

Generally speaking, the opportunities for lateral entry have never been as great as they are today, especially in the teaching profession. That is why many of our clients are looking for interested lateral entrants. As a rule, it is stated in the respective job offer whether this is possible.

Most kindergartens and schools are looking for long-term employees through us. We therefore recommend that you apply directly to institutions in your neighbourhood.

We only anonymise those job offers for which we have a direct mandate in order to actively approach and advise potential applicants, not only to protect ourselves, but also because the clients have commissioned us with advising applicants and pre-selection in order to save themselves time and effort. Of course, you can find out more details about your future job by contacting us.

Yes. Some public schools have been allocated so-called planned or empty positions by the state for their teaching or management staff. Or you can take a leave of absence from the state for a certain period of time. Both are possible. 

You can apply directly by e-mail or by post for job offers that you see on our homepage or receive from us by e-mail and in which the name and address of the training provider are already mentioned.

If we have a direct mandate from a school or kindergarten, you will first receive an anonymised job offer. Should this interest you, we will inform you in detail about the sponsor, its institution, your remuneration and other conditions. If your interest then remains, we will usually conduct a detailed preliminary media interview with you and then recommend you directly to the responsible persons of the educational institution. They will then contact you and invite you to a personal meeting online or directly on site. 

No. We do have a permit for temporary employment and in a few cases we also work in this area at the request of our clients. However, 99% of the time we place you in permanent employment, i.e. you sign your employment contract directly with the school or daycare provider. 

If this is the case, it is usually because we do not have anything that matches your qualifications, location or other requirements at the moment. Please also check your details, the more precise they are, the better we can find you suitable job offers. Some of these are advertised exclusively through LehrCare.

We have decided to manage your profile for you because we value personal contact with you. If you would like us to make any changes or delete your profile from our database, simply let us know by e-mail or telephone and we will take immediate action.

If you are currently happy with your employment or, for example, on parental leave, simply let us know how long you would like to take a break. We will then deactivate your profile and when you are open to new challenges again, you do not have to register again with all your data. 

Simply write us an e-mail or give us a call. We will then delete your data and documents from our system immediately.

Since the recognition of non-educational or vocational and academic qualifications acquired abroad must be carried out partly by the government and partly in the respective federal state, we can only inform you where you can have your qualifications recognised. However, our clients will often support you in the relevant processes if you apply to them through us.

First of all, we would like to reassure you. Only in about 10% of cases have candidates not been satisfied with their choice of job through us in the past. If this does happen, please contact us immediately. We will handle your enquiry discreetly and, if you wish, we will be happy to look for an alternative together.

To be honest, not much. We can already say something about possible departures, e.g. from civil service employment. However, so far we have few job offers at educational institutions that are not in the pedagogical field.

Frequently Asked Questions - Education Providers

Although our pool of 17,000 profiles contains a whole series of highly qualified prospects, your offer must also be suitable for them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so we have to go beyond our own database and search for you in business networks, via social media campaigns and classic cold calling. That is why we call ourselves and our service personnel consultancy and not recruitment agency. First of all, we talk to you about who you are looking for, when and under what conditions, and then decide together whether the effort is worthwhile for you and us in terms of the expected success or whether your resources could be better deployed elsewhere in the specific case.

Personnel consulting, i.e. in essence the active search for qualified educational specialists and managers, also known as headhunting, is a time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive service that requires some explanation. That is why we are happy to talk to you about your specific needs and define the desired services together before you receive an offer from us.

Moreover, we work with fixed prices, so there are no hidden costs.

We are looking for both, and for the areas of school as well as kindergarten and related areas such as child, youth and family support.

Fortunately, both are rare, but they can happen. Unfortunately, in the end we can't see into the heads of the candidates or into the everyday life of your institution. Nevertheless, we will not leave you alone with this issue. Just talk to us, we will surely find a solution.

With us, you can reach specialists and managers from schools, daycare centres, etc. exclusively and accurately, and through several channels at the same time

At the moment, we still do this for you. Once you have decided which ad format is right for you, you will receive an offer. As soon as we have received your signature, we will place your job advertisement online on weekdays, usually within 24 hours. 

Here you can advertise several vacancies at the same time via different channels in a targeted manner, update them and exchange them at any time and, in contrast to a single advertisement, you can leave your job advertisements online for the entire duration until your vacancy is successfully filled.

Well, that depends on who you are looking for and which of our services you are booking. Ultimately, it is always a case-by-case consideration. 

If you place an ad in our online job market, we offer you targeted coverage and a multi-channel presence, which increases your chances compared to many other advertisement portals.

If you go to us for personnel consulting and we are allowed to approach potential candidates directly for your vacancy, we will always reach the right people. Whether they then join you depends, among other things, on the attractiveness of your offer. 

If you are unable to fill your vacancy through an advertisement with us, we offer you the opportunity to join us in personnel consulting, i.e. to actively search for suitable educators or managers.

We will credit any amounts already paid for your advertisement to the recruitment consultancy so that you do not pay us twice. 

What some employers fail to realise is that temporary work is often not a suitable service in a tight market, as trained educators usually want permanent employment directly with the education provider and have little incentive to engage in so-called temporary work for a limited period of time or on a trial basis.

For you as an employer, it can still make sense to talk to us about this service, e.g. if you want to bridge a staff shortage at short notice and you are not necessarily looking for a fully trained specialist or, if you are, offer them more than a regular employee.

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